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Evolution Fitness Studio is a 3000 sq ft facility with an open floor plan offering free weights and strength training machines, cardio machines, a sled track, and a large mat area, along with a Peak Pilates reformer and a full compliment of apparatuses. We have a variety of fitness equipment to keep your workouts challenging and fun.

Personal Training

Personal training with an experienced, knowledgeable fitness instructor provides the most effective, safe and beneficial workout possible. At Evolution Fitness Studio all of our trainers have been certified and have multiple years experience. With an Evolution Fitness Studio trainer you can expect personalized fitness programming designed to address your specific goals. Whether you are looking to get started in fitness, want to add variety to your current workout routine, or need exercise guidance because you are managing a health condition, our trainers are ready to help you.

Post Rehabilitation

After an injury has healed, the emphasis becomes working towards returning to previous normal activities. An Evolution Fitness Systems trainer will create comprehensive programming in conjunction with your physician, and your physical therapist designed to return functionality through strengthening of the injured area.


Pilates is a system of exercises created by Joseph Pilates designed to increase flexibility and strength and improve endurance, balance and alignment through consistent practice. Pilates utilizes the mind/body connection by emphasizing controlled movement and breathing. At Evolution Fitness Systems we offer a full compliment of Peak Pilates equipment such as Reformer, chair, tower, and barrel. Individual and duet sessions are available for both mat and apparatus.

Athletic Training

 Evolution Fitness Systems athletic training includes full body strength conditioning, speed and agility, with an emphasis on core stability.  Instruction will typically include sport specific warm up, strengthening, quickness and endurance,  flexibility, and injury prevention and management.

Sessions can be conducted at our studio or your location.

“ I began my Pilates journey at EFS in 2012. It has been a great experience. The Pilates instructor, Anna McBain, has worked diligently with me over the past years, and I have seen an overall improvement in my general health, fitness level, strength and endurance. I would highly recommend Pilates to anyone interested in an hour focused on building a strong, solid core foundation—an hour where mind and body are challenged. ”


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